Thoughts about Genealogy

When someone finds out that I research and write genealogies, they usually get that glazed-over look in their eyes. And a thought bubble will pop out that says “obsessed with past, hung up on her ancestors, thinks she is better than the average ancestor-free person…”

I am obsessed with genealogy, but for many different reasons (none of which can be found within those quotation marks above.) I think that knowing a bit about the people who came before can give the person in the present a sense of self now, and also give them a sense of the future. If your people were here hundreds of years ago, then it is possible that they will be here hundreds of years in the future.

To me what is important is the present, and, I must admit, I do really like the idea of the future. The past, not so much. Most of what I find out about life in the past, I would not want to live with. Some is ok, kids wandering around on their own, safely, yeah, that is good. But the reality was that kids were usually wandering on their way to work, on farms, in factories, not so good. And for your average woman, no dishwashers, no cell phone,  and no men and women actually talking about things..?… To me it is not even worth considering. I am a creature of the present.

Here you will find musings, meanderings and thoughts about genealogy.


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